Fence mounted alarm system to detect any cutting, climbing, lifting or jumping off the fence. All alarm information is transmitted wirelessly to a command and control centre.

How it works: each set is monitoring up to two fence sections of minimum 500 meters length. Two wires are attached to the fence section. Wires equipped with transceivers connect them to an interface module providing communication between the devices. If one of the wires is broken or in case of its closure the communication is interrupted. The interface module generates an alarm message transmitted by the autonomous repeater to a command and control unit.

Fully compatible with signalling system RADIOBARRIER as well as with any other security systems using "dry contact" relay outputs.


1 - long whip antenna AShV 433 MHz
2 - solar power pack SPP
3 - interface module
4 - antenna mast
5 - energy storage mast platform

Key features:

» Autonomy;

» Reliability;

» Self-configuring network;

» Integration.